NxCAP Consulting, LLC

Timothy J. Wickenheiser, Consultant

Tim Wickenheiser retired as the Chief of the Program and Project Assurance Division at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) John H. Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field in Cleveland, Ohio with 35 years of NASA experience. In this position, he managed organization objectives, direction and resource allocation to improve the safety, reliability and assurance functions across Glenn programs and projects.

Mr. Wickenheiser began his NASA career at Glenn in 1978. He performed aircraft propulsion systems analysis and space launch vehicle flight and mission design for 14 years.  Throughout his career he has been a technical leader in systems analysis and engineering. His technical leadership assignments include; the Glenn Lead on the Aircraft Inter-center Systems Analysis Team, Inter-center Mission Design Co-chair for Galileo and Magellan Mission Design Panel on Shuttle-Centaur, and Glenn’s liaison to NASA Headquarters for launch vehicle payload assessments on Atlas and Titan vehicles.

Tim Wickenheiser has 21 years of supervisory and management experience in systems analysis and systems engineering.  He served as Chief of the Propulsion Systems Analysis Division, Chief of the Mission and Systems Analysis Division, Deputy Chief of Glenn’s Systems Engineering Division, and Chief of the Space Transportation Analysis Branch.  

He was a member of the core inter-center team which re-wrote the NASA Systems Engineering Handbook (NPR 7123.1) to tailor system engineering efforts to program/project needs. He chaired various review boards for Glenn programs/projects and was a member of the Interagency Standing Review Board for the Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator Program.  He was a member of multiple contract proposal evaluations teams including Chair of the $900M Revolutionary Aerospace Engine Research (RASER) Source Evaluation Board.  He also led the development of the Statement of Work and Contract Transition for the Glenn Engineering and Scientific Services (GESS III) Contract.

Tim Wickenheiser is a graduate of Michigan Technological University in Houghton, Michigan. He has received numerous commendations and prestigious awards including the NASA Exceptional Service Medals and the NASA Medal for Outstanding Leadership.

Tim Wickenheiser brings to the Company a wealth of knowledge in management systems and governance, project technical and programmatic reviews, NASA procurement evaluation, advanced concepts, systems analysis and systems engineering.